VIAN OCEANE帶您走進一個有美感、有氣質的產業。
過去太多品牌強調立即功效, 但SKIN CARE並不是變魔術, 塗抹後便馬上看出效果代表可能添加過多的化學原料。
VIAN OCEANE開發天然環保以海洋元素為基底的皮膚保養品,要帶給女性一個自然, 健康, 溫和並FUNCTIONAL的保養品牌。
VIAN OCEANE takes you into a sense of beauty and temperament industry.
In the past, too many brands emphasize the immediate effect, but skin cares is not magic, applies then see the representative effects immediately that may add excessive chemical raw materials.
VIAN OCEANE develops the natural environmental protection to take ocean elements as the base of skin care products and to give women a natural, healthy, gentle and FUNCTIONAL care brand. 
The design is compatible with the location and characteristics of the above products; brand CI takes crown as the theme and point out the aristocratic elements compatible represents with the Canadian maple leaf, the water droplets and sea wave of ocean elements, that with the unique fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus which shows a complete spirit of the brand.
The Crown Princess brand ICON will import images to be more person’s spirit and increase brand warmth memory and the consumer group positioning at feminine market. The overall brand vision designs in addition to the CI design also complete the establishment of enterprise BI/VI, applies on the transactional products and brand merchandise.
VIAN OCEAN來自加拿大,設計鎖定產地與原料為主軸藉以發展獨特市場區隔特色,產地方面,加拿大曾被英國與法國殖民,為文化資產豐富的國家,品牌性格融合法英中,帶點法式不驥的浪漫,英式貴族的風範與中式的儒家教養。
VIAN OCEAN comes from Canada, designed to lock the habitat and development of raw materials as the main purpose of the unique characteristics of market segmentation. As the Country of Origin, Canada was the British and the French colonial and the rich cultural heritage countries, France and Britain are in the integration of brand’s personality that with a bit of French romantic and British aristocratic demeanor also with Chinese Confucian upbringing.
The main raw material is the Canadian glacier mud and simply return the most natural things to the water element is the sweet-scented osmanthus essential oil which more expensive than the rose. The ancient and modern literati were none who does not love the sweet-scented osmanthus aroma that the aroma is gentle and unique may stay for long and cannot be imitated. The market targets to the mature economic independence female main consumer group 35-45 years old.
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